Our first challenge is for the month of June, 2023. 

30-Day MicroVictory Challenge

30-Day MIcrovictory Challenge JUNE Starting June 1st - I challenge all of you to tweet and share at least one microvictory EVERY DAY and to CELEBRATE the microvictories of others. What's a microvictory?

As you can see, microvictories don’t have to be epic or profound. They just need to be conscious. That’s what the micro victory army is all about - conscious action and then consciously celebrating ourselves (by sharing) and others by liking, supporting, commenting, and cheering for each other. That’s it. Can you do it? It will take a minute of your day, five minutes if you want to be really dedicated and careful. Do something consciously. Tweet it with hashtags #microvictory and #microvictoryarmy. Then just click on those tags and like, love, share, enjoy what others have posted. If you post your tweets here in the ⁠micro-victory-army channel - I’ll pay you 1 million $BALDS (a fun cryptocurrency we use to teach, have fun, and play games with)  for each tweet you make and then share in the Vagobond Magazine discord server. There will be a special bonus and prizes for any who complete the full 30-day challenge - especially if they also share here.